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Watch out for…

  • The Camera man Rome
  • The little sassy princess creeper Siwoo
  • The alley way dancer Maru
  • The fly angry bird TK
  • The sleepless dong mi sa Kangjun
  • The cray cray driver Ray

I’m sorry but I have to post this it’s really funny xD

Good job Rome :D

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Exo’s newest dancer xD

well you can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a women’s man, no time to talk

Hyunseung <3

Hyunseung: Oww. That smell again.

Hyunseung: Did you just farted?

Hyunseung: Oh you so nasty!

Normal Idols vs B2st

Normal Idols


Oh you know…just casually checking my bias online :D

credits to the owner

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Trollin xD

Who’s the cute guy with the orange hair?

Who’s that with the cap?

Who’s that blonde hot guy?

Yoongi: I can do aegyo for you.

Jimin: Okay.

Yoongi: *starts doing aegyo* Oh look. I’m Jimin. I’m a cute guy with a hot body. Look how cute I am.

Jimin: Stop.

Me when I just shaved my leg :D

Me when I just shaved my leg :D

Random Kpop Question: Solo? or in a group?

If you get the chance to pick. Are you going solo? or in a group? If so, what do you think are the pros and cons as a solo artist or an idol in a group?

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Me and my bestfriend when we fight over Kpop ._.

Me and my bestfriend when we fight over Kpop ._.