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what happens when yongguk stayed up for almost 24 hours

he’s not high ._. he’s just yongguk xD
what happens when yongguk stayed up for almost 24 hours

he’s not high ._. he’s just yongguk xD


definitely the highlight of EXO’s First Box.

Lol xD Lay looks like a kid who encountered water for the first time xD


"I don’t fall over. I give the ground the privilege to see my face. CLOSE UP."
— Heechul

Driving in car with my husband 20 years from now and EXO starts on a radio…

Me: Careless, careless…

Husband: Honey, just…

Me: Shoot anonymous, anonymous…

Husband: Babe, please, stop…

Me: No one who care-

Husband: Oh would you shut up?! I want to hear how I sounded back then.

Life of a kpop fan in school...
  • Teacher: What started Big Bang?
  • Student: YG.

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Anonymous asked: "What kind of clothes do you think Jungkook and Rap Monster would find attractive in a girl? I'm going to BTS fan sign event this week and I don't know what to wear so yeah."


RAP MONSTER: His ideal girl is a girl who would look good in a white shirt, jeans and red sneakers (ikr it’s too detailed) so I’m pretty sure he would find a girl who dresses like that amazingly attractive.

JUNGKOOK: I’m sure he wrote somewhere in BTS’ twitter that he thinks that dress shirts are really sexy (it kind’ve became a trend ever since sistar19’s mv came out). But don’t show up with short shorts though xD.

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Anonymous asked: "How would Jimin react seeing his gf wearing his clothes?"


He’d think it’s cute seeing his girlfriend wearing his big and baggy clothes. I mean, let’s face it. I watched in Strong Heart that some korean actors, models, and idols who were guests in that episode confessed that they go crazy seeing their girlfriend wear his clothes xD.

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Anonymous asked: "Bangtan's best and worst traits as a boyfriend?"



Best: He’s sweet, kind, almost perfect (as a boyfriend) I guess. You know, those guys who ‘every girl dreams of’ guy.
Worst: He’s prettier than you xD.


Best: It’s never a dull moment with him.
Worst: He doesn’t know how to properly express how he feels (he said it before in a video somewhere in their youtube account).


Best: He’d gladly do goofy/silly things just to make you smile and have fun.
Worst: He’d annoy you just to get attention.


Best: He’s a gentleman and you’ll have fun with him.
Worst: He’ll most likely spend less time with you because of work since he’s the leader of the group. But he’ll always find a way to get back to you.


Best: You’d enjoy his 4D side.
Worst: He’s too handsome xD.


Best: He’ll only show his cute and cool/manly side to you and you only.
Worst: Just like Jin, he’s almost perfect. Well, ‘almost’ is the key word. But he’s perfect in a different way; the way he is versatile and good looking (he’s also photogenic) at the same time. But as a boyfriend (here comes the bad part), I think he’s just like Suga. He won’t be able to properly express how he feels because he’d want to appear cool and manly infront of you.


Do you think this is really Ailee?

Anonymous asked: "What is it like cafe date with Taehyungie as a girlfriend? sorry for my english :]"


Taehyung is a 4D type of guy so he wouldn’t make your cafe date just a ‘normal date’. I think he would make other (or some of) BTS members dress up as maids just to make sure you’re both having fun xD It would be awsome.

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